Friday, March 25, 2011

An Evening of Surprises

March 19th proved to be a triumph of a show. With an audience of over 90 people, the Old Boys Club was full to the brim with interesting and compelling characters. The atmosphere was intriguing and each corner of the room was filled with mystery, ambiguity, light, dark, death, and joy. I felt that each of the performers had their most shining performances both on and off of the table. The tremendous support in set design, costume, and makeup prior to the show, really made everything run so smoothly. Throughout the course of the evening, people at the table and beyond were fed and their pangs of hunger were satiated in several different ways. I could feel a transformation in the room from reality into a surreal world by the end of the night. I think my character began to develop into a whimsical mistress who felt both delighted, in control, and also in a deep agony over the events she was witnessing- I felt very torn at times, and almost with an underpinning of a desire to bring people into the same feeling of conflicted-ness. I neither wanted people to be comfortable and entertained or overly analytical and searching for philosophical meanings. I just hope people were existing and being present in the experience which changes each time it happens. The unpredictability of the night alongside of the controlled structure and timeline are so compatible because it then brings a menu and a mea that adapts to the stomaches of that particular audience. So many moments surprised me and excited me--it is always a pleasure to receive such positive feedback following the show. I look forward to performing this and developing this carnivorous and enrapturing dinner party for many evenings in many places to come. Please see the gallery above for pictures of the night. We will be producing a film of the evening as well. Finally, we are hoping to have a cocktail performance in the months to come.....

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