Monday, June 6, 2011

Public House Performance and Summer Plans

A few weeks ago the march performance group performed in a shopping centre in Elephant and Castle. There was an empty shop which was transformed into a living room space. Audience members were invited into the space for a cup of tea or a drink and to enjoy either visual or performance art over 2 days. In addition, people passing by the shop could participate by viewing through the window (we had many people from all walks of life enjoying a moment to pause and question what it was they were seeing through the window). The group met twice before the performance to begin to work on a vocabulary for a developing piece entitled "flesh & bones" which we are aiming to perform in the autumn. As part of the new associate artist scheme that we are a part of at Middlesex University, the group will be rehearsing at Middlesex this summer to explore themes of separation/disconnection of different parts of the self, renovation, rebirth, and redefinition of self. Ultimately, we may question various notions of presence and absence (in high heels of course). Please view this video for a partial glimpse into the Public House performance which will indeed contribute to ideas for the new project:


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