Thursday, September 1, 2011

Live Absence, Recorded Presence

MPG members Laura Cherry and Treacle Holasz will be performing a trio with Kate March on September 7th 2011 as part of Debut Contemporary's First Wednesday Series. Ms. March will be performing from **. As the group shifts and explores new ways to indulge in presence through digital media and cinematic dialogues several questions emerge. Can you feel someone's presence through absence? In this increasingly globalized world, how do we begin to value our absence of presence in order to maintain and develop meaningful connections between bodies? Does our physical proximity matter? Can you be remotely interested...

Press Release
How are you watching this? Me? Us? What is happening in your head? What emotion, what memory is this movement stirring in your mind? This performance explores how one perceives live performance and what it really means to be live. This is a physical theatre - dance piece choreographed by Kate March, and her dancers Laura Cherry & Treacle from The March Performance Group. The work has been created through a new question & answer style of multi-media choreography. Kate is working closely with the theme of Live & Life in ** posting videos of her movement online to her dancers in London who create movement directly from Kate's films & send back their filmed movement response. The choreography process & conversation is documented thoroughly due to the nature in which we're working. This enables the work to be more influenced by the thinking process behind the movement itself. The company are pioneering multi-media choreography embracing the technological advancements available to the dance & theatre world.
The group will also be collavorating with fashion designers Rosie Alia and Ziad Ghanem on the night

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