Monday, February 21, 2011

Bloody Valentines and March Performance

The performance on Valentines Day 2011 at Le Regal in Farringdon, was an intimate affair. The night included delectable sponsorship from Vintage Patisserie and set design by Lizzy Charles and Daisy Beattie. An environment which included candles, rose petals, old love letters, hanging cow hearts, and an halved cow heart, filled the audience and performers with an essence of nearly spiritual, ritualistic, and sensual longing. The evening, which included content inspired by the notion of Geisha Ghosts trying to connect with a human audience/human patrons, seemed to fill the every senses as several host and guest relationships emerged. As a performer, I felt transported into another realm. My feelings and expressions fell across a dynamic spectrum of emotions ranging from jealousy, to companionship, to loneliness, to joy. Other performers seemed to find a range of distance and connection to the audience, whose interactions ranged from shared smiles to various facial and eye contact connections. The relationship between host and guest or performer and audience member (though I hesitate to say audience member, as they seemed fully participatory and the space would not have existed were it not for their existence in partnership with our own) is continuously being pushed, pulled, and negotiated especially with the close proximity and the ritual of eating and drinking and being in the presence of both strangers and acquaintances. This will be a performance I look forward to developing and doing again.

Finally, I'm very excited to announce the March Performance Group's next event. In declaring our new relationship to Middlesex University as Company in Residence, we will be holding a updated rendition of An Evening of Meat on March 19th at the Old Cholmeley Boys Club in Dalston at 7pm. Live music, new faces, and some exciting surprises in store for our guests. To avoid disappointment, pre-booking is required and is easy to accomplish through paypal on the left of this post. Excited to see you there. - mpg

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