Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pre-Performance Ruminations

It's gray, cold, and gloomy. My body peers out into what's left of the pre-dusk light. How often do we get the opportunity to exhaust and test our physical limitations? I run outside, ignoring the possibility that my muscles will tense from the undesirable conditions. I see my breath, I feel blood coursing to every inch of my body. I can make it go, I can push it, I can struggle, I can fight. But my body chooses when to stop. The control is limited and an illusion.

The past rehearsals have been physical and forceful with an underpinning of affectionate play. What has transformed humans into such sophisticated species; what has led to the harnessing of raw human emotions? Sometimes being cosmopolitan, graceful, and a sophisticate is also exhausting in itself. Is there a place where the exhaustion of the physical and the exhaustion of sophistication can collide? Given the chance, I would rip myself out of niceties and grace and choose a state of rawness and athleticism that pushed my body, and hence, myself, out of the duality of power and vulnerability or of being in control and being controlled. Sometimes when we embrace and allow for physical exertion, the need to control is released and body and mind can exist collaboratively. Though I do not support violence, I believe there are moments when physically demonstrating aggression are more productive than withholding; it is productive to push each other physically; to realise our competitive nature physically. Can we exist as poised, elegant, sophisticated and also passionate, messy, unpredictable beings? The space where both exist is the most exciting place to have presence in.

Sunday November 21, 2010 @ 2:30pm. The Lions and Lambs collide

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